BeConnected Day

About The Event

BeConnected day is the only go-to event of its kind in Italy, where you can listen, connect and talk about what’s going on in the Intelligent Communications landscape, but also get an exclusive sneak peek on future strategies and visions for the ‘whole ecosystem’.  

BCD adopts a ‘ by the field to the field ‘ approach; our widely community-known speakers craft their sessions based only on real-world projects and scenarios.​​

BDM Track
Dedicated to Decision Maker and Leaders attendee, it’s about high level overview of solutions and Modern Works roadmap

COM Track
Dedicated to the Intelligent Communication ecosystem such as meetings, Voice, Video Interop and devices

SEC Track
Dedicated to Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity and all related topics for Teams such as Gove, Sec, Comp

APP Track
Dedicated to dev/integration of Apps/Workflows, built with Visual Studio or Low-Code/No-Code tools