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BeConnected day Live Event 2020

BeConnected day Live Event 2020 2-3 April Learn.Choose.Adopt Teams Live Event Only On-Line Attendees 2 April: 411

On-Line Attendees 3 April: 259


Speakers and Slides - 2 April

Fabio Moioli - Head Consulting & Services @Microsoft Empowering Teams with AI

Alessio Giombini - Architect @Microsoft

Secure your modern workplace in M365 with Communication Compliance

Fabrizio Volpe - Senior Consultant @Unify Square

Teams e first-line workers

Enterprise Voice: State of the Art

Speakers and Slides - 3 April

Carlo Mauceli - Chief Technology Officer @Microsoft Being secure in a digital word

Nicola Fracassi - Co-founder and CEO @FAR Networks FlexibleWorking

Roberto Ferazzi - Microsoft MVP @FAR Networks Intelligent Communications in MS Teams

Luca Vitali - Microsoft MVP @Centro Computer Microsoft Teams Governance Best Practices

Fabio Franzini - Office Development MVP Semplificare i processi aziendali estendendo Teams

Jie Yuan - Microsoft 365 Engineer @Microsoft Andrea Tedeschi - Sr. PFE - Modern Workplace @Microsoft Cristian Mezzetti - Consultant - Identity & Security @Microsoft Covid-19 and helping to keep it "normal" with M365

Matteo Lenzo - PFE O365 & SharePoint Technologies @Microsoft Marco Rocca - Sr PFE Business Productivity Domain @Microsoft Modern Workplace Roadmap PitStop

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